What’s all the Fuss about Five Pawns e-Juice?


Five pawns ejuice has been causing a lot of buzz lately and recently even bagged a nomination. In addition, their handcrafted, premium products have swiftly found their way into up market boutique vape outlets with even leading online vaping suppliers comprising of Vapor DNA, Vapor King and Henley Vapes carrying their complete listings of artisan-style e-juice. With their head office in Irvine CA, Five Pawns presently offers two distinct e-juice lines, the Signature Series and the Mixology Edition, each comprising of 5 complex and unique flavor choices. Five Pawns appears to be walking in the footsteps of lead liquor and beer industries, branding itself as a form of craft distiller or microbrewery of e-liquid. Five Pawns does not only individually number and date every glass, the company also packages them in rustic-style cardboard tubes with comprehensive product specs and Five Pawns branding.

Because of the “craft” nature of their e-juice, the company does not provide a big range of alternatives when it comes to their listings. Every blend comprises of 50/50 PG/VG and is available only in big 30ml bottles with the exception of those buying a hard-to-find sampler of 4 ml containers. Five Pawns also provides a whole-range of nicotine strengths, from 0-24mg.


Explore unique Five Pawns E juice flavors

With Five Pawns having only 10 different flavors, it was reasonably easy for me to do a full review of the company’s e-juice. I bought each 30ml alternative from the company’s Signature and Mixology lines. Before indulging into the specs of each flavor, it is possibly worth stating that this was the most complex, richest e-juice I have ever tried. Although I have experimented with a wide range of other mixtures before, Five Pawns has taken it to a whole different new level especially with their layered and creativity approach. Here are the specifics of my preferred flavors from Signature Series:

Gambit 5/5 – this is quite likely the most complex and richest flavors that Five Pawn has. It has an extraordinary taste with a genuine apple-y pie crust gulp, followed by a creamy, soft caramel breathe out. According to me, this is a flavor that one needs to savor. Gambit is the nearest stuff to puffing on a homemade fresh apple pie, having hints of flaky pie crust, vanilla and cinnamon ice cream.

Grandmaster 5/5 is right up there with Gambit and has an exceptionally rich desert vape that begins with a smooth together with a peanut butter-y, and then caps it off with a caramel, creamy banana exhale.

Queenside 4/5 – Five Pawn’s Queenside shifts things to the faintly fruity side and is a creamy citrus/vanilla blend that would be most similar to an orange creamsicle, having a small bit of spice thrown into the blend. Queenside is absolutely sweet with the genuine blood orange flavoring carrying through from the start to the end. Creamy, flavorful and especially smooth, Queenside may just be a bit too sweet as an all-day-vape; however it is definitely a delicious treat.



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